Great summary of new or enrolling parents

Summary of everything that JHSS P&C has to offer all new and existing parents. 

What is the AGM? When are meetings held? What is expected of me if I attend? 

This link lists the most common myths about the P&C that prevent people from wanting to join. Please click the title and have a read. We hope it easies up your concerns and answers your queries. 

Timeout Poster

These timeouts are mandatory at both the school and outside of school hours care. 

All major events and activities are located in the social calendar. This is your one stop shop planner. 

Everything you need to know about uniforms at JHSS. From when to buy to how many to order, how to look after them and so much more. 

Not sure who to contact. Have a look here for our quick guide of what school looks after and what the P&C looks after. 

This link will show you a general guide for Parking in and around the school and a guide to the location of our school buildings. 

Information about the types of items you can put into your child's lunch box and things to consider. Please also note that the school is  NUT FREE and EGG FREE zone. 

Information about how much of a subsidy you might be eligible for from the 2nd of Jul 2018. This is a general guide and we recommend discussing this directly with Outside of School Hours Care or calling the Australian Department of Human Services (Centrelink) for further details. 


As an organisation, we must follow very specific rules and regulations that are governed by P&C QLD. 

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This is a quick guide for new or prospective P&C executives. Well worth a look if it is something you are considering doing. The experience is amazing but it is important to go into it with your eyes wide open. 


School Banking is a great way to teach money management to our students and for the school to benefit in a small way as well. 

Did You Know???

Interesting and Fun facts about our school canteen. 

Click this link to go to our online signup sheet. All volunteering opportunities are listed here. 

Where to get a copy of the book list, where to get what you need, hints and tips to make them go the distance. 

This link is perfect for all new parents and guardians. It is a quick and easy reference to all things tuckshop. 

The government has outlined a set of food guidelines that applies to all schools, tuckshops and school events. Parents do not have to follow this guide. Green = Eat Plenty, Amber = Select Carefully, Red = Occasionally. This link will take you to the official document that outlines all of the conditions and categories in details. 

What is Flexischools and how do I use it? This guide explains our order system for tuckshop and uniform shop. 

This link takes you to a selection of websites and information sheets about getting ready for the new school year at primary and a little bit about high school. 

Do you need to know more about how the lost property system works? 

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