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Who do I need to contact?

Jamboree Heights State Primary School
P&C Assocation

For the following queries or concerns please begin by contacting your child's classroom teacher first. They can almost always answer your queries. If you're still not sure please contact the main office and finally the school principal. 


  • Book lists 

  • Class allocations

  • School Routines

  • Classroom Structure and timetable

  • iPad Programs

  • Specialty Programs

  • Payments

  • Absentees

  • All education or curriculum questions

  • volunteering in the classroom

  • Questions about teaching or support staff positions

For the following queries or concerns please begin by checking all the information on this site. If you need further clarification please contact us directly for the following: 


  • Fete related enquires

  • All Fundraising/Social events

  • Donations

  • Big Events

  • Special projects

  • Volunteering

  • Working or volunteering at OSHC, Tuckshop or Uniform Shop. 

  • Tuckshop queries

  • Uniform Enquires

  • Joining a speciality committee 

  • Beginning your own speciality project around the school.