Common Myths 

For those who would like to be involved in the P&C Association, we would like to dispel some common myths…. 


The P&C can survive without volunteers.

Fiction! No events, no fundraisers, no tuckshop, no uniform shop, and no OSHC. No providing for the school that all of our children attend. All members of the P&C are volunteers including the executives.

I should bring a six pack of energy drinks to meetings

Fiction! You won’t need them. Our meetings are kept as short as possible. Our Motto is: Get in, get it done and go home!


Someone is going to ask me to do something!

Fact! You are smart, talented and skilled. A P&C would be crazy not to make use of you. Perhaps get in early and volunteer for the job that you want rather than being asked to watch paint dry.

That you’ll get nominated to do things you might not want to do 

Not at all! There are many volunteers around the school who help out in a variety of ways. You are welcome to nominate to assist but will never be forced into anything you don’t want to do. 


That you have to attend meetings all the time. 

Again, not true! Our P&C meetings are held on the third Monday of each Monday each month at 6.30pm in the staff room. You don’t need to attend every meeting, but it is a great way to hear what is going on at the school and to build relationships with the whole school community.  Minutes are also posted on our website after each meeting. 


That the P&C is a ‘cliquey’ group that doesn’t welcome outsiders. 

Definitely not! We are all parents just like you and we do this because we enjoy making a difference to our children’s school. We are a new committee and have a vision of inclusion and transparency within our committee. We always discuss matters openly and encourage members to voice their opinions before voting as a group on all important decisions.  


One Hour won’t make a difference  

It absolutely will! Every single minute of your time is valuable to us. We appreciate and encourage people to let us know their availability and skill sets. You don’t have to nominate for every event and we have a number of opportunities to do things in the comfort of your own home that will greatly impact the quality of life of the other volunteers. Check out our ‘just one thing,' for further information.  


The committee doesn’t like or want new ideas 

Absolutely not! We are a new committee with a big focus on community inclusion and involvement. In fact, this year we have added a number of brand new events that we haven’t held before. Last year we reestablished the sports committee with Mr Mitchell's spearheading the way. All of our subcommittees are raring to go and get started this year. We are definitely seeking ideas and people who would love to try and help develop our community culture and bring these events and fundraisers to life. 


Please consider becoming involved and reaping the benefits of being part of our great school community.