JHSS Minor Projects Committee

Do you have an awesome Idea for a small change?
Are you part of the JHSS community?
Don’t really want to front up to a P&C meeting?
Are you ready to make it happen?
Please send your awesome ideas or questions to: JHSSidea@gmail.com

Please be prepared, ask yourself the following before you submit an idea;

• Do I require quotes? (when purchasing, we ideally want 3 quotes)
• Do I have a plan for making the change happen?
• Do I require other people or resources to bring the idea to life?
• Is the maximum cost for my idea under $2000? (We have a total budget of $10, 000 to spend on all projects for this first round)


Once you have your head around your idea or you have any questions, please kick it through to our committee’s email address: JHSSidea@gmail.com


We will review and work through each idea and advise which have made the cut. Fair to say that not all the idea’s will be approved (we have a limited budget).

But we won’t know if we don’t ask……..


We cannot wait to start reviewing all the great ideas. Who knows, this could be your “one thing”.