Performing Arts Committee

The performing arts committee are an enthusiastic group of parents and teachers who organise events to fundraise to provide maintenance for music equipment, buy new music equpiment and help with general running costs of the school music program.


The Annual School Concert is held each year in term 3.  This is a great night of entertainment put on by the students and teachers.   The P&C request support each year in the following areas:-

  •  food and drink sales

  •  raffle and concert ticket sales

  •  event sponsorship and item donation

  •  raffle prize collection and wrapping

The music committee meet each month and if you would like more information, please email


Sports Committee

The sports committee are a small but dedicated group of parents who are working to not only better our own children's school, and sporting experiences, but yours as well.  Why not join us for a meeting, or lend a hand at one of our famous sausage sizzles!  It's great fun and not only will your kids thank you, but our will as well.


The sports committee meet regularly to discuss upcoming events on the sporting calendar and plan fundraising events.   The sports committee provides assistance with organising collection and counting of money from these events.  If you have any suggestions for fundraisers or know of any sporting equipment or projects that need our attention, please let us know.


The sporting calendar is set by the Qld Primary Schools Sports Association and the School District Regions.  JHSS is in the district of West Akuna and the zone of Metropolitan West (MetWest).  The school's Sports Coordinator then plans for our own Interschool events like the cross county, junior and senior athletics and swimming carnivals.  Our part as subcommittee, is to provide food and drink stalls at these carnivals for the convenience of parents and students, and to raise funds to boost the small sporting budget of the school.


The sports committee meet each term and if you would like more information, please email

Chaplaincy Committee

The chaplaincy committees main goal is to support Chappy Katie in her community awareness programs and fundraising efforts. Chappy provides a variety of essential counselling and guidance services to the JHSS community. While it is called chaplaincy no religion is actually discussed with the children or at a meeting. Chappy works closely with admin team, teachers, parents and students to primarily focus on:


  • Grief counselling

  • Friendship awareness and councilling

  • Anti bullying

  • Support for all families in need

  • Assisting the admin team to identify and aid those families in financial distress and need. 

If you need additional information please email Chappy Katie: 


Sustainability Committee

 Our brand new sustainability committee has been established to instal, enhance and assist the school in a range of suitability practices. Including providing educational opportunities for our students and staff. The objectives are as follows:


  • To raise awareness and educate the JHSS community (ie. children, families and staff) of the importance of environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Create, improve, organise and implement environmentally sustainable practices for the JHSS community.  


Initially, we are focusing on beginning a school-wide recycling program. If you are interested or would like more information please email David with your queries. 


Additional Specialty Subcommittees

In addition to our other amazing subcommittees, we also have a selection of subcommittees that are designed to assist in specific one-off events. For example, we have a Fete subcommittee who form every second year to coordinate our fete.


Some of our past committees are listed below:


  • Outside of School Hours Care Committee

  • Fete Committee

  • Jazz, Art and Wine Night Committee

  • Mothers Day and Fathers Day Stall Committee

  • Trivia Night Committee



If you would like to join a committee or suggest a new one please let us know via email to start a discussion and we can then bring it to a meeting. 

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ph: 3725 5666

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