Welcome to JHSS Tuckshop we are open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 7.30am to 12pm for all year levels. Starting week 2 term 1. 


Our Tuckshop is mostly online with online ordering via flexischools. Students are able to purchase treat items such as iceblocks, cookies, muffins, chips, and drinks over the counter during the first break after dismissal from their teachers. Juniors can have up to $2.50 and seniors up to $5.


All Volunteers are welcome. The tuckshop can only remain open with the help of volunteers.  Typically, our volunteers come in for one day a month. Alternatively, if you can spend an hour or more any day, any time between 8.30am - 12pm. It's a great way to meet other parents, help the kids, and have some fun!


To contact our convenor, join the team, ask a question or suggest a menu item:

email jhsstuckshop@gmail.com

phone the Tuckshop on 3725 5648 OR
find me on facebook.


Smart Choices - Traffic light Food System

Our tuckshop operates under the smart choices guidelines as laid out by the department of education. Our menu is balanced and assessed using this system that is designed to encourage healthy eating without the school environment. The system applies to the tuck shop, the school and any P&C run events. JHSS has also chosen to adopt this system in our OSHC program.  In essences, foods have been categorised into Green, Amber or Red.  Green = Eat Plenty; Amber = Select Carefully; Red = Occasionally

For further information about these guidelines please click here.

Tuckshop Convenor: Jodi McMillan

Hi, I'm Jodi. I'm your Tuck shop Convener since May 2020. Originally a Kiwi, from a town on the west coast of the North Island, New Plymouth, New Zealand. My husband and I, along with our 2 kids, Sophie, who is in year 3, and Nathan, who is in year 2, have now been in Brisbane for almost 6 years. My whole family is now over here, my parents, my Nana (who lives with us), my younger brother and his family, and my older sister and her family. We love it here, especially the great weather!

Before the kids came along, I owned several Subway Sandwiches Stores in NZ with my parents. From being in the food industry from a young age, I believe that I have a great understanding of food, and running a tuck shop.

However I believe the success of the tuck shop wouldn't be possible without the support of the whole school community, from the kids, to the parents, to the teachers and the P&C.

I look forward to meeting you all, and hopefully seeing some new faces volunteering with me!

Volunteer Testimonials

Just finished my 1st Volunteer morning at the tuck shop! Thanks, Mel and Janelle. It was super easy and A lot of fun 😊. 
If you are thinking of volunteering, even just one day a month, get in touch with Mel Crowhurst. You'll be glad you did!




It's great that it is only a few hours now. A fun social morning and then still time for other things in the afternoon



I enjoyed it. Easy and fun