Tristan Dieben
Acting Coordinator

I have worked in the childcare industry since the start of 2009 and started working in the OSHC sector in 2012. in my years of Education, I have worked in many centers and have acquired my certificate 3 in Early Education and also my Diploma in Child Services at the end of 2018 I started to study my Advanced Diploma of community management. Outside of Work, I have two young girls that keep me very active, when they allow me I also love to play computer games and go to concerts. I choose to specialise in the Outside School Hours sector is that I feel I am able to relate and have more in common with primary age children. Too me OSHC is a special place to be able to destress and further friendships in a safe and nurtured environment.  

Caitlin Hirini
Acting Assistant Coordinator

I have worked in Outside School Hours Care for three years and have been Lead Educator for just over 4 months. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary and Applied Theatre at the end of 2018. I started working at Jamboree Heights OSHC as just a casual job to make ends meet, but quickly found my niche and found myself enjoying it more and more to the point of making a career from it. In my spare time, I like to bake an assortment of goodies and treats – specifically cakes and cupcakes. I believe that the early years of a child’s life are vital in them discovering who they are who they want to be, so it is a joy to be able to help foster that at OSHC

Rebecca (Bec) Durham Educational Leader

I have worked in Outside School Hours Care five years and have been Lead Educator at Jamboree Heights for two years. I have a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Arts with an extended major in Music. In my spare time, engage in a plethora of arts and crafts endeavours including, creative writing, drawing, hair bow design and making, singing and performing in a choir, and I am currently learning to sew. I love working with children to help them learn new things and achieve their full potential in whatever they are working toward.

35 Beanland St

Jamboree Heights Q 4074


ph: 3725 5666

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